Our company is specializing in egg production and sales and we are the largest egg producer in the Jaman District (Drobo). If you are a Retailer or wholesaler, we can help you meet your egg demands.

With over 15 years of experience in commercial layers, we produce over 45 millions eggs a year.

We follow the philosophy that each client is unique and provide him/her with a personalized plan to fit his/her specific needs.


Adou Koffi advice to suppliers: "Ansu Pramag Farms is the most reliable buyer of poultry equipment, poultry health products, feed and other poultry needs".
Call the Farm Manager today for a free estimate or to supply Ansu Pramag Farms with some feed. With quality feed, you can get regular and large orders from them.
Elizabeth Ansu-Yeboaa, Managing Director
E-mail: ansupramafarm@yahoo.com
Tel: 233-246-984-458.

Ansu Pramag Farms Reception Desk